9 Tips for Digital Security During Summer Vacation

Citizens who postponed their holiday plans due to long quarantine and social distance restrictions are starting their preparations again with the acceleration of vaccination and the easing of travel restrictions. If you have planned a suitable holiday without being a victim of fake holiday sites and villa fraud, there are some points you need to pay attention to during your holiday. Although it is known that many users are trying to protect themselves from viruses and the sun during the preparations, they should also take precautions against various dangers waiting for electronic devices. Pointing out that users who neglect to protect their devices and personal information may lose access to their personal accounts and may have to interrupt their holiday enjoyment, Laykon IT Operations Manager Alev Akkoyunlu lists how to keep devices and personal information safe during holiday.

Don’t let your holiday turn into a nightmare!

Emphasizing that there are points to be careful about digital violations that may occur on the devices of citizens who have started their holiday planning for the summer months, Laykon IT Operations Manager Alev Akkoyunlu gives 9 warnings to prevent personal information from falling into the hands of malicious people and to protect the devices.

1. Update the passwords of all your online accounts to defend against possible identity theft attacks. Choose unique, strong passwords. Additionally, you can use multi-factor (MFA) or two-factor authentication (2FA) solutions.

2. Make sure to update your smartphone, tablet or laptop with security updates.

3. When you leave the hotel, leave devices such as external hard drives, laptops and USB sticks in a safe place in your hotel to prevent information theft and protect your devices. Activate passwords and PINs on all your portable devices to protect your information in case the device is left unattended or lost.

4. Use an award-winning security solution that can protect all your devices, such as Bitdefender Total Security, to guard against malicious malicious attacks while surfing the web on vacation.

5. Always back up your data in case of theft or breach of device security.

6. Avoid connecting to free public Wi-Fi in restaurants, airports, cafes, or hotels. Also, choose encrypted networks and remember to use a VPN to prevent snooping of online activity.

7. Disable automatic Bluetooth contact on your device to prevent cyber attackers from publicly connecting to your device.

8. The information you share personally can be used by attackers to defraud your friends and family. Therefore, be very careful when posting about your activities and position on social media platforms.

9. Finally, regularly monitor your accounts for suspicious activity.

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