8 Games That Look Like Limbo With The Feelings It Creates

Platform games are, of course, the genre most indie developers refer to. The reason for this is that the type of platform is the medicine that most paves the way for the successful transfer of the story to be told and the experience to be lived despite limited opportunities. Here is Limbo, which has been dying to have an experience like the game world since the day it came out. platform type is one of the productions that takes its magic behind it.

A game making movement similar to limbo failed clones

Although it caused us to encounter games called , there are also excellent games that tell their own story in an original way by taking lessons from real things in Limbo. We also brought together platform games that were both influenced by the magic of Limbo and offered an excellent experience with the atmosphere they created before Limbo.


Games like :

  • Another World
  • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
  • Grey
  • Inside
  • Little Nightmares series
  • Never Alone
  • Planet Alpha
  • The Swapper

One of the first influential examples of games like Limbo: Another World

Another World was so popular when it debuted on the Amiga platform in 1991 that it has since been adapted for nearly every platform possible. As well as computers PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switchor Xbox One

You can play the game via . In terms of the technology of the game, it is natural that the expectation of development as Limbo is not realistic, but more than one gamer agree that it offers a great gaming experience.

In fact, if there is one minus that can be said about the game, it is that it is just old. Considering that many platform game lovers will not count this as a minus, if you are one of those who heard the game for the first time, you have a jewel in your hand. If you’re wondering what platform games were like decades ago Games like Limbo The first stop you should stop by is Another World.

A two-player game that will immerse you in its story: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons has an advantage over many derivative games. In addition to the fact that you can play the game by two people, the game is designed to be played entirely by two people. Moreover, Josef Fares, who is sitting in the author’s seat of the game, is known for offering two-player gameplay again at the same time and has received praise after praise A Way Out who also wrote the game.

The reason Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is on this list is not because it resembles Limbo in terms of gameplay. The game has such an emotional and sedate narrative that at least Nice as limbo creates an atmosphere, locks the actors to the screen at once and provides an almost interactive cinema experience.

Promising a lot in a short time: Gris

Gris is in the middle of the games on our list the most different experience It would not be wrong if we say that it is a promising production. Because Gris is a pearl that achieves the most solid narrative narrative with as little text as possible in the middle of games similar to Limbo. Since it is a game that has the concept of worry at its core, even the colorful drawings of the game cannot prevent us from seeing the world in black and white.

Since it is a game that values ​​the story it offers more than anything else, it has very basic gameplay mechanics. But easy mechanics don’t always mean easy puzzles. That’s why, even if it has a short playing time, you can take your time. full deserving manages to be a production.

Limbo from the makers Inside

When talking about games that do not pull the player in with the pressure of the dark atmosphere, it would be impossible not to mention Inside. The platform game released by the group that developed Zati Limbo offers easy gameplay in many points, but the ease it offers on the mechanics. with the atmosphere it creates ignores and gives tension moments.

2. Another feature that enchants the player is that it offers a strong visuality by taking strength from having a point of view called 5D. Someone who plays and enjoys Limbo can’t get lost in Inside. unwittingly it’s easy to spend hours. If there are those who are thinking of starting the game, we recommend that they maximize their enjoyment by diving directly into it without any preliminary research.

Giving us what we want to see in a platform game: Little Nightmares series

The Little Nightmares series, which managed to attract the attention of the whole world with its second game released at the end of 2020, offers everything that a platform game should do and with its puzzles that are frightening from place to place and from time to time. doing more succeeds. Do not be intimidated by the fact that there are two games in the series, because it is necessary to play the first game to understand some of the references made in the second game, but it is not necessary to have played the first game to understand the game as a whole.

A trip we took with our friend: Never Alone

Never Alone is a word that can be roughly translated into Turkish as “sliding screen”. sidescroller is one of the games that gets its share of its kind in the most pleasant form. The game tells a perfect story about the indigenous people of Alaska, one of the US states today, called the Inupiks. There is also an arctic fox who helps our character named Nuna throughout her story.

In general, the game tells the story of Nuna and her fox surviving in the cruel natural conditions. Never Alone, where you can gain very expensive information about history while playing, strengthens the storytelling with images that give information about the situation you are in as you progress through the story. Those who want this parable also with two player mode they can witness.

You take action while solving puzzles: Planet Alpha

Set on a planet inhabited by aliens, Planet Alpha takes the dark and depressing atmosphere of Limbo and adds color to that atmosphere. It also uses a very strong color palette while doing this. While trying to avoid the enemies in the game, the action that is not missing, combined with the amazing puzzles, is the place for people who love platform games. won’t want to miss comes out an experience.

The special thing about the puzzles is that they have a very different structure from the ones that are solved by jumping at the right time or by placing a box on a button, which we are accustomed to seeing in many platform games. Puzzles in the game day and night cycle

Solved by checking . During this mid game be prepared to have a feeling like the whole planet has come to a middle to kill you.

It will make players want to make games: The Swapper

The Swapper is another platform game that manages not to be weak in terms of gameplay, although it keeps the world it has created above the gameplay. The game, which made its debut a few years after Limbo, takes Limbo as an example and successfully emulates the things that its idol does appropriately, but it is definitely not to be stamped with “fake”. undeserving a manufactured one. It is impossible not to congratulate Facepalm on what he has accomplished with The Swapper.

Although it is thought that there is an important group behind the work that is revealed as we play the game, in fact, the game is a fabrication that emerges when two students come together. It’s a nice example of where independent developers should go, enough to be taught in schools. in the middle of nowhere thinking of making a game we strongly recommend that you take a look at The Swapper if you have readers.

The common point is that it combines a wonderful atmosphere with easy albeit fun mechanics. A game like limbo

Here we come to the end of our list of games that managed to combine being with an original interpretation. If there are games that you hope to see on the list but fail to enter the list, you can share them with us in the comments section.


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