7 of Monster’s Best Products for Gamers

Laptop computer manufacturer founded by İlhan Yılmaz on September 5, 2000 Monster has been growing in the branch for over 20 years. Known especially for the laptop models it has produced for gamers, Monster produces different model series suitable for every budget. ABRA, Tulpar and Semruk series appeal to different budgets and their hardware powers are different from each other. Users who do not want to exceed their budget, especially, prefer the ABRA series. Players who want a stronger performance, on the other hand, prefer Tulpar and Semruk.

Known for the gaming laptop models we mentioned above, Monster produces many kinds of gaming hardware as well as laptop production. The prices of their works can be quite affordable for players in some cases. We will introduce you to some of the equipment that Monster has produced for players.

6 successful Artifacts produced by the famous computer brand Monster for gamers

  • Pusat Pro Bluetooth Gamepad
  • Pusat K3 Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • Monster Pusat V8 Gaming Mouse
  • Aryond 32 Inch 165 Hz Curved Gaming Monitor
  • Pusat RGB Gaming Mousepad
  • Pusat Virtual 7. 1 RGB Gaming Headset

For those who say they can’t play the game without a handle: Pusat Pro Bluetooth Gamepad

Users who want to sit back and enjoy the game to the full, prefer gamepad models instead of keyboard and mouse. Monster Pusat Pro Bluetooth Gamepad can work on both notebooks and phones with Android operating system. When we look at the design of the work, it is possible to say that it is a mixture of the gamepads of PlayStation and Xbox consoles. You can easily place your Android phone in the upper compartment and use the controller. According to Monster’s words, new ABS equipment is used in production. Device, Li-Polymer 600mAhhas a battery and 10-12 can offer around hours of use. You can access the work here.

For those who want to feel pressure: Pusat K3 Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are a must for every gamer nowadays. Pusat K3 Pro aims to provide the most adequate experience for players. on the keyboard 104 pieces of Red Switch has a mechanical key. The work is made of aluminum material and the USB port is gold-plated. In the works for users who love RGB 18 different RGB; at 4 Gamer RGB light mode is available. The wrist supplement, which is loved by many players, is also included in the Pusat K3 Pro.

Thanks to the wrist rest, you can maintain your comfort during the game. All keys have an anti ghosting feature that allows you to press multiple keys simultaneously. The device has 4 multimedia, 5 non-software macros and 4 light adjustment keys. If the cable length of the work is

(mtag101702)1. 8 meters. The Windows lock key, which is located on more than one mechanical keyboard, also takes its place in the work. In this way, you do not face the situation of accidentally pressing the Windows key during the game. You can access the work here.

For those who like to control the game via mouse: Pusat V8 Gaming Mouse

Gaming mice, which are indispensable for FPS games, are of great value for gamers. Pusat V8 attracts attention with its price below the market average. Mouse, 500 – 6200DPI, allowing players to choose the DPI value that suits them. Using the work’s own software, this value 12400

You can increase it up to .

It is possible to make fine adjustments thanks to the software. RGB lighting, which is indispensable for player works, is also included in Pusat V8. There are 12 different keys on the left side of the device and you can assign many functions to these keys. In the upper left “Serial Press Key”

There is a button called . When you press this button once, the process of left-clicking takes place 3 times. There is a braided cable as a cable and there is a gold-plated USB port. The life of the keys is 10 million strokes. On device 8 pieces of 2.4 grams load available. You can get a suitable scale that you feel comfortable with thanks to these scales. You can access the work here.

Large, fast and curved: Aryond 32 Inch 165 Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

Gaming monitors attract attention especially with their high refresh rates today. Monster Aryond A32 has a size of 32 Inches. 165Hz is especially useful in competitive games with its refresh rate. Monitor QHD 2K can serve images and VA has the panel. In the reaction time, which is of great value in re-competitive games, it offers 1ms

It provides a very high level experience with its reflection time of .

The work has a cost of 3000 contrast and 350 nits of brightness. Thanks to these prices, users can get a very high quality image. The monitor can move forward-backward, left-right and up-down. You can adjust the situation that suits you as you wish. Prevents image tearing AMD Free-Sync and NVIDIA G-Sync technologies are on the monitor. Also new MRTP

With technology, ghosting is prevented and the image becomes more rigid. Finally Flicker-Free

Thanks to its technology called , light vibrations are prevented. In this way, you avoid eye itching and headaches during the game. You can access the work here.

For those who want to complete their gaming computer: Pusat RGB Gaming Mousepad

The indispensable companion of our mice, gaming mousepads have become a highly preferred equipment in today’s gaming. Pusat RGB Gaming Mousepad, as the name suggests, comes with a powerful and stylish RGB lighting. in the format you want 7 fixed pieces color or 3 different RGB

You can use the lighting effect. The most prominent feature of the mousepad is the ability to charge phones wirelessly. You can put your phone on the top right of the mousepad and charge it.

To improve the mouse experience, 5 non-slip rubber soles welcome us. The work is waterproof and has excellent review material that is easy to clean. According to Monster, mousepad with laser and optical sensors suitable for gaming mice. You can access the work here.

For those who make soundproofing their life ideology: Pusat Virtual 7. 1 RGB Gaming Headset

Another indispensable equipment of the players is the headphones. Especially 7. 1 surround

Thanks to the sound system, players who want to experience a realistic sound and environment prefer headphones with this technology. The cable of the device appears in a braided form. This cable is mentioned as being strong against kinks and breaks. The device also includes RGB lighting.

Smart remote control you can easily control the headset. PUSAT

It is also possible to provide full control by downloading the software . We can say that it is a comfortable and powerful headset with the high-quality material used on the top of the headset and the cushions that cover the ears. You can access the work here.

In this article, we took a look at 6 works produced by Monster for players. Do you have any of the works that you like or have? You can share your valuable opinions with us in the comments section.


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