7 Confusing Theories About Interstallers

Christopher Nolan is a really interesting person. Confusing the minds of the audience with the movies he shot, forcing the audience to understand the subject or message for themselves is at an unprecedented level.

Earlier, we listed fan theories about another masterpiece by Nolan, Inception. Now, we bring together 10 fan theories that make you hear about Interstellar, another legendary film of Nolan, but first, let’s remember the cinema 🙁 Let’s not forget: There are plenty of spoilers in our article.)

A different perspective on space and time perception: Interstellar

  • Genre: Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
  • IMDb: 8.6 https://www. imdb. com/title/tt0816692/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0
  • Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Mackenzie Foy, John Lithgow, Bill Irwin

Interstellar tells the dramatic story of Cooper, a former scientist, and his daughter, Murph. We watch a group of explorers, including Cooper, go to study a wormhole in space to save the future of humanity.

Interstellar theories that you will hear “No more”:

Interstellar talks about the pre-Wall-E

Wall-E cinema, decreased resources and increasing population begins with a post-apocalyptic world scene that people have abandoned altogether. All that remains is to try to keep the world in order while we live in colonies beyond the stars. robots.

Spoiler alert:This is actually the subject of Interstellar, including the end. Cinema, a crumbling world

It opens with . all resources exhausted

For , the explorer named Cooper and his group created a habitable to find another planet they are on their way.

Although Cooper’s efforts were unsuccessful, his daughter, Murphy, is a great part of humanity. living in the space station is exploring the path. According to the theory, then the robots in Wall-E to fix the world is working.

Interstellar takes place in the world with Nolan’s cinemas

Christopher Nolan, memory can be subjective and can be manipulated is a director who is obsessed with the idea, and the main focus of almost all his movies is in this direction. According to a solid theory, Interstellar cinema, From Memento hold it too Batman with its cinemas and even Inception is located in the same world.

Interstellar, the Nolan cosmos lock point. Memento and Insomnia worldly cinemas, but things get a little weird with The Dark Knight trilogy and Inception. Dark Knight cinemas Interstellar

before and After Inception are the last movies.

Books in the library were telling the way Interstellar would go

“ Yes, of course books were valuable“, but we’re not talking here about Cooper’s conversation about the books and getting in touch with Murph. In the library scenes close-up of books content is also very valuable because they retell the path Interstellar will follow.

For example, one of the prominent books is Stephen King’s ” The Stand” book. The book talks about a world that has almost disappeared. by Mark Helprin Winter’s Tale” is completely time fluctuations

Regarding .

Sandstorms were the work of aliens

In this cinema, where every detail is meticulously processed and there are closed statements that make you feel very welcome when you notice, the world-destroying sandstorms almost not mentioned at all. Who started these sandstorms?

One of the common theories on the matter is that this catastrophe wanted to take the human race from their collapsing planet to interstellar. fifth dimension entities, so aliens is the job. Fifth-dimensional beings wanted to trigger our sense of adventure again, and our medicine instinct of survival created a disaster to use.

Wormhole comes from an alternate reality

Another bet that is not mentioned much in the cinema is where the wormhole came from because wormholes don’t appear out of nowhere. Played by Anne Hathaway, Dr. Brand, put the wormhole in there. that fifth-dimensional beings put says.

Whoever these mighty beings are, they are never capable of drilling such holes in the time-space continuum. they don’t have, right? Namely, that fifth dimensional beings are actually accepted. humans who have succeeded in transcending our three-dimensional life space, we know from Cooper’s library scene, but this only raises more questions. a cluster ordinary person

How did achieve this?

According to one theory, the wormhole is thought to come from an alternate reality, not from the future. In another world, humanity was destroyed and there is no way to fix it. there was no way. For this reason, the people of that universe selflessly, in order to save the people in the universe in the cinema, there is a place in the fabric of the galaxy. they drilled holes.

Fifth-dimensional beings, frozen embryos themselves

After entering the wormhole, Cooper managed to exist outside the perception of time for a while and entered the fifth dimension. manipulating reality from the outside was able. But what Cooper did with books, dealing with clocks and was shaking hands with Brand. So who was responsible for the wormhole, the maps and the coordinates? More precisely this who are the fifth dimension entities?

The response is actually not far away, they are the ones that Brand has landed on his last habitable planet and raised to establish a new human colony. fertilized eggs. Mankind has greatly improved upon manipulating the fifth dimension after going through the wormhole, and now will be able to make changes that will affect the luck of the world in power.

Mankind is actually a monolith

Nolan, Interstellar’s Stanley Kubrick” 2001: A Space Odyssey“, he wasn’t kidding. In fact, the cinema was almost inspired by the masterful philosophical science fiction cinema. except for a few precious details., according to the usual theory.

We can see that the events at Interstellar are very similar to Kubrick’s idea that the collective minds of humanity developed during a space mission and that it was interstellar. The weird sequences in Interstellar are of a different kind and the robots are from 2001 much more realistic but apart from that, there is a lot of common ground.

2001: A Space Odyssey the leap of mankind in the evolutionary tree aliens

Redirected by . Those who save humanity at Interstellar are entities in the fifth dimension and thanks to Cooper of these fifth dimensional beings people, we know.

Monoliths in 2001 cinema according to theory not by aliens, posted by humans. In other words, people’s guardian angels regenerate.

thus Fan theories about Interstellar that you’ll be surprised to hear We have come to the end of our content we have compiled. Please do not forget to indicate your intentions and offers in the comments section below. Also on our official Telegram channel here you can subscribe.


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