4 ‘Critical’ Vulnerabilities Discovered in Telegram

In Telegram, which gained millions of users after WhatsApp changed its terms of use 4 vulnerabilities has been announced. The vulnerabilities were discovered by a cluster of cybersecurity experts working at ETH Zurich University and the University of London. about encryption

According to the statements made by cyber security experts Telegram

Security vulnerabilities found in ; ‘technically unimportant’, ‘easy to use’, ‘advanced’ and ‘theoretically interesting’. Fortunately, these vulnerabilities Didn’t pose a big risk to Telegram users. In fact, the issue was reported to Telegram and the application developers have already completed their work to close these vulnerabilities. . .

“Telegram’s proprietary encryption protocol MTProto is not 100 percent reliable”

It is a very popular application used in the development of many portable applications encryption protocols exists. But Telegram, instead of these, developed by itself. MTProto

It uses a special encryption protocol called . Cybersecurity experts believe that the vulnerabilities found in this protocol are also is not 100 percent believer states that it shows. In fact, experts think that MTProto lags behind other protocols.

Regarding the issue, some statements came from the Telegram front. Users of discovered vulnerabilities doesn’t affect, said Telegram administrators, however, announced that they would always welcome such detections. They also did some tests, but with the third-party studies, the development of MTProto contribution provided, Telegram administrators think that this will make it easier to improve the protocol.


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