Some Aspects To Know About Cambridge International School And Its Curriculum

An international school does not have its name without any reason. One of the best determiners of why the school got the accreditation is due to the global curriculum, such as Cambridge. Cambridge itself is a very complex world-renowned curriculum that gives more than just the simple fundamental education. It later led to Cambridge international school

About Cambridge curriculum  

Before going straight to the school, it is best to learn about the curriculum itself. Cambridge curriculum is an international syllabus that was introduced by Cambridge assessment international education. It is a globally recognized provider with international qualifications. The curriculum itself is made and shaped as an individual education available for ages five to 19. 

One thing that makes it unique and loved is its ability to provide focus on subjects based on students’ interests and strengths. With its capability and known resources, more than 10.000 schools have used the program and qualification. The subjects develop skills and understanding in ten subjects (based on the level). 

In primary school the curriculum focus on English, mathematics, and scenes. At the secondary level, the Cambridge international school prepares students to face the IGCSE test. It is once again an international test with more than 70 subjects available from Cambridge. The next one includes International A and A levels.  Both are qualifications for a higher education institution.  

The main aim of the curriculum itself is to provide a clear path and thorough education from age five to 19. The curriculum is also meant to create a global standard for the school, which helps students to see a bigger perspective for their future. Cambridge also made its flexibility aspects to help cross-cultural education without losing the local culture and education. 

Should you pick an International school? 

Since modern education and life is getting more competitive, a better education with the global standard should help solve the problem. The Cambridge international school itself has many to offer, especially schools such as Global Sevilla. The institution has its way of supporting better education, such as using Cambridge, teaching values, and also character building for better personal or interpersonal development. As said in the article, Cambridge is one of the standards of education. Schools that can fully implement the curriculum are worth to be the best option for modern education. In Jakarta itself, Global Sevilla is the best you can pick. The school has a thorough education level, high-end facilities, and a thorough curriculum to support the international standard. So, be sure to consider global Sevilla for your pick. 

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