Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Expansion Tops 4 Million In Units Sold

Just this month the title received its first update which added further months to hunt including the Seething Bazelgeuse, Silver Rathalose, Gold Rathian and Lucent Nargacuga. A location is introduced as well as new Event Quests. But Capcom won’t be slowing down with further additions as two more title updates are slated for this year, one being in late September adding further rare species. The last one of the year will release this Winter adding several new monsters as well as powered-up monsters, with more updates coming in 2023.

The monster hunter title seems to be going strong, as the base game Monster Hunter Rise also hit 10.3 million units sold reported this month. If you’re currently fighting your way through the new expansion, be sure to drop by our Monster Hunter Rise wiki for all the latest.

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