Genshin Impact New Trailer Features New 5 Star Character Tighnari

This week’s update introduces patch 3.0 for Genshin Impact, introducing the new region of Sumeru. A new update wouldn’t be complete without new characters, and the latest trailer showcases Tighnari.

This character is a little different compared to previous ones, as Tighnari has ears, I mean rabbit-like ears which are a bit hard to miss. Tighnari is also the newest 5-star addition to the online RPG, getting his own banner which arrives on August 23rd, which is the same time as update 3.0 releases.

Be prepared to face terrifying giant mushrooms.

The trailer shows this new Dendro character doing what Dendro characters do best, living in harmony with the plant life, Sweetwater Mushrooms. The archer who at first glance looks to be a Catalyst user is, in fact, using a bow, the ball is an AOE bomb that does damage to enemies. This is the first character to be introduced with a playable Dendro vision, but isn’t the first to be met in the game who has hinted at having the nature vision. Tighnari will also be joined by another Dendro playable character in 3.0, Collei also a bow wielder who throws cat-like creature to AOE enemies.

As per usual for any major update, the game will experience maintenance which could last around five hours. The developer HoYaverse also usually compensates players with around 300 Primogems for the wait, or 60 per hour depending on how long the servers go down. But worry not if maintenance ends a little earlier, players will still receive the full amount.

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