Inkbound Is A Cooperative Roguelite That Invokes Torchlight Vibes 

Players are taken to the wonderful world of Atheneum, a land where rich stories literally come to life. Inklings, beings made out of ink, have started gaining sentience and jump to life right out of the pages in which they were written. Some ancient evil force has started causing these problems, unraveling the world as we know it.

It will be up to the players to become the legendary Inkbound and ensure that the stories and legends will never die. Who knows, maybe we’ll even discover the source of our own creation?

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword
Inkbound players will start the game off by choosing a character class for that run. As of writing, there seem to be three classes available: the mighty Magma Miner, the agile Mosscloak, and an unnamed shield user. The team at Shiny Shoe is sure to add more to the game, but the randomness of the genre is sure to have tons of content already available for the existing classes.

As mentioned, Inkbound is a cooperative game. Demo footage shows that there can be two players adventuring together, though it hasn’t been confirmed what the maximum number of players can group up.

Players will go about like usual Roguelites: they will be presented with branching paths. Each destination will contain various random occurrences that will test their resolve. Battles, merchants, and events will all be engaging and plentiful.

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