Lies Of P Gets New Gameplay Trailer Reveals Combat And More

The new trailer does reveal some of the gameplay including some of the uses of the prosthetic arm, which shows P or Pinocchio firing a gun-like attachment, as well as ripping doors off safes. Safe to say, the arm has a number of uses in the game which kind of reminds me of another souls-like coming our way, Steelrising. But P only seems to have an arm for customisation and wields another weapon in their right hand. P is seen wielding swords, mauls and even uses his left hand to unleash bolts of electricity using the Legion: Fulminis as he takes down mechanical monstrosities.

We also get a glimpse of a glowing jar of sorts, affixed to P’s waist, it also talks. Could it be a companion the Talking Cricket (or known by original writer Carlo Collodi as Grillo Parlante)? The trailer ends with a group carrying a coffin, taunting P with the word “liar”, which is a nice tie in to the original story of Pinnochio who’s nose would grow when he lied. There doesn’t seem to be any hint of nose growing in this trailer, but calling out his lies is a nice touch.

Finding Geppetto
The developer previously revealed that the story will focus on P trying to find Mr. Geppetto, who is considered his father, or maker. In this trailer we do see Geppetto finally meet P, but to what end is his role in this game? A previous interview also revealed there are eight attachments for P, from flame throwers to a wire hook, which are called Flamberge and Puppet String in this trailer.

The game is shaping up to be a dark, fantasy title with some interesting combat, especially with the use of the shock ability, which gives a sort of Bioshock feel to it. The fight in the theatre also reminds me of the one in NieR Automata, which also has its own clockwork nightmares to face.

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