Atlas Fallen Is A New Action-RPG Developed By The Minds Behind Lords Of The Fallen And The Surge

The magical lands that Atlas Fallen are still unnamed at this time. However, these sand-filled dunes are timeless, and still teeming with life despite the arid heat and lurking threats. It is said that the sand holds memories of the past, holding echoes of what once was greatness.

You see, the gods themselves walked the lands of Atlas Fallen, living in peace and harmony with humanity. Their mutual respect for mankind was so great, in fact, that mortal heroes are said to have walked with these deities. As time went on, this bond waned as the gods’ vanity grew. Mankind was cast aside as the immortal beings squabbled with one another, resulting in corruption.

It countless years since this event, and most of humanity has already forgotten their prime. Sand is the only thing that remembers the greatness of the stories that once were. It is only in ruins and ancient pieces of the old world that remember.

That’s A Lot of Sand!
Atlas Fallen’s Gamescom Opening Night trailer featured primarily cinematics with small snippets of gameplay. While actual in-game footage was brief, the cinematics themselves revealed a lot of what we can expect from this upcoming action RPG.

While the world is bathed in sand, the location where the cinematic takes place isn’t the hottest place on earth. There are still signs of life and vegetation with some patches of grass and trees. It looks more like an ancient European fantasy setting that was trapped in a sandstorm for a few dozen years. A caravan is hurrying along an ancient highway, eager to reach the majestic city in the distance. To cross, however, they must cross a bridge that has already fallen.

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