2022 Model BMW 2 Series Coupe Design Revealed

An Instagram account named “Wilco Blok”, which gained fame with the photos of luxury cars it shared, states that German car giant BMW’s ” 2 Series Coupe” has managed to leak images of the model. It will be held in the coming days Goodwood Speed ​​Fest The leaked images of the car, which is expected to be introduced within the scope of the event, has removed all the mystery of this vehicle.

When we look at the design of the BMW 2 Series Coupe, a classic BMW

We can easily say that it is . Kidney grilles, new generation headlights and taillights and BMW’s general design language are all in this vehicle. The information about the technical features of the vehicle is significant compared to the successor of the BMW 2 Series Coupe. will be strengthened direction.

Introducing the 2022 model BMW 2 Series Coupe

According to the information obtained, the 2022 model BMW 2 Series Coupe will be offered for sale with different engine options in different markets. In this context; The base model will be available in North America.

(mtag101702)2. 0 liter 258 horsepower will reportedly have an engine. In addition to the 3- or 4-cylinder engine options of the models to be sold in European markets, 6-cylinder 3. 0 liter It is mentioned that there will be another version. In addition, the models expected to be announced as rear-wheel drive for now. four-wheel drive versions is also stated to be introduced in the future.

Speaking of engine; The most powerful engine option to be sold in the US and European markets has also emerged. In comparison, a consumer M240i xDrive” when you purchase the version, 374 hp will have the opportunity to compete with the TwinPower Turbo I6 engine. This 3.0 liter engine, high performance

It is stated that it will appeal to consumers who want .

The 2 Series Coupe, which BMW is preparing to introduce in the coming days, 8-speed Sport Steptronic transmission is in the middle of what is known about this vehicle. However, in the future, the company 6 speed manual transmission

He could also add the option in the middle of the options. BMW’s statements at the Goodwood Speed ​​Festival will reveal everything about the 2022 model 2 Series Coupe.


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