The Ascent Cyber Heist DLC Overview Impressions

The Ascent Cyber Heist DLC Overview Impressions – In this The Ascent Cyber Heist DLC Overview Impressions, we are going to run through the new features of the game to determine whether the DLC is worth purchasing or not. The Ascent is an action-shooter RPG developed by Neon Giant and published by Curve Games. Cyber Heist is the first expansion where we are treated with a bunch of new things including but not limited to new questlines and melee weapons! You can also check out The Ascent Review if you want to know our thoughts about the base game!
Since The Ascent’s release back on July 29, 2021, Neon Giant has been working on several DLCs, both free and paid. The free ones include the Halloween and Winter Packs where you get a Skeleton shirt, Jack-o-lantern headgear, a festive Winter shirt, and another headgear in the form of a deer. When it comes to the paid DLCs, you have the Cybersec and Cyber Warrior Packs featuring brand new Weapons, Armor, a Tactical Item, and weapon skins. Transmogrification was also baked into the Action-shooter RPG at the same time as Cybersec’s release date.

The Ascent Cyber Warrior Pack

The Ascent has delivered a true dystopian cyberpunk experience by bringing Planet Veles to life. This space has since brimmed with eccentric creatures coming from vast galaxies, trying to survive in a massively dangerous metropolis until such time that they complete the terms of their contracts. Factions only care about themselves without giving much thought to how their actions would impact others. Overall, the base game has embodied the consequences of a collapsing superpower, and it asks the most important question – do you have what it takes to survive in this disorderly world of greed and power?

The Ascent Cyber Heist DLC – Beginning with Kira

In the Cyber Heist DLC, you continue to play as an indent but you do not start from the bottom. Instead, you get to work with Kira, your previous employer, as you embark on another “secret mission”. This time around a new piece of tech is up for grabs – can you beat the others to it? This expansion is the first to showcase new main and side Missions since The Ascent’s release last year.

You are not only treated with another branch of narrative but you will also experience new overworld Locations, further expanding the reach of the arcology. There will be a decent amount of enemy variety, and more importantly, the introduction of the highly-anticipated melee weapons! Who doesn’t want to crush foes with a baseball bat? I know I do!

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