2021 model Opel Astra introduced: Here are its highlights

The new generation of Astra, one of Opel’s most popular models, was introduced. The new Opel Astra, which stands out with its completely renewed design, PSA draws attention with its infrastructure. C segment The newest member of the hatchback class, the 2021 model Astra displays a fast pace against its rivals with its new generation hardware features and image.

New Opel Astra technical specifications

The power values ​​of the new Astra, which will have two different engine options, fuel oil and diesel 110 hp

with 225 hp will be in the middle. Additionally 180 hp and 225 hp in two different plug-in hybrid option will also be available to users in the new Opel Astra.

6 forwardmanual and 8 forward The car, which has different transmission and power unit features, including fully automatic, winks at its competitors in its class in terms of technical details.

The highly digitalized car offers almost all options in the vehicle. 10 inch offers access via the multimedia screen. In addition, it should be noted that there is a 10-inch digital instrument panel behind the three-spoke steering wheel.

In addition to the technological equipment, the Opel Astra has matrix LED headlights that stand out in the brand’s Insignia model. Other features of the new Opel Astra are as follows: Adaptive cruise control with stop/go feature, blind spot warning system, traffic sign detection system, automatic emergency system, 360-degree camera and head-up display, etc.

In addition, according to car commentators, let’s say that the new Opel Astra is similar to the Opel Mokka, which was offered for sale in the past months.

Stating that it will open the order purchases for its new car in the autumn months, Opel states that it will make the first deliveries at the beginning of 2022. In addition, Opel announced that this model will be the last generation with an internal combustion engine. There is no random explanation for the price of the new Opel Astra.


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