18 Interesting Facts About ‘Seinfeld’

New York comedian Jerry Seinfeld

The series Seinfeld, which is about the unfortunate and funny events that happened to and his friends, started airing in 1989. Described as the most beautiful sitcom of all time and one of the series that fans watch over and over again. Seinfeld

We have compiled 18 different information about that you probably did not know.

Note: Due to the content of this article spoilers contains. If you haven’t watched Seinfeld and are planning to watch it, we recommend that you watch it and then read it.

18 different facts about the legendary sitcom Seinfeld that you haven’t heard before:

  • Seinfeld was actually going to be a movie
  • Seinfeld’s credits are different in every part
  • Actually Kramer’s name was going to be Kessler
  • Kramer wore the same shoe for nine semesters
  • Other thought for George character
  • George character was sure that the directory would not work
  • We don’t see the character of George in only one part of the series
  • The person who inspired George Costanza sued the show
  • Main female character will be glutton instead of Elaine
  • A motto that dominates the whole series has been determined
  • There is a part that was canceled
  • man’s hand is really used in the Man Hands part
  • One of the parts was inspired by the play
  • Jerry Seinfeld’s favorite scene is about George
  • Jerry Seinfeld’s favorite side character was Newman
  • Jerry Seinfeld rejected a large sum for the 10th term
  • Seinfeld starts and ends in literal form
  • Seinfeld will be on Netflix soon

Seinfeld wasn’t actually going to be a series:

Actually Seinfeld will not be in the form of a series but will take 90 minutes at a time. stand-up show

It was designed in the form .

The opening music of each Seinfeld episode is different from each other

The bass and mouth ‘pop pop’ sounds in Seinfeld’s credits are different for each part. composer of music Jonathan Wolff explained that he did each credits differently than the monologue that Seinfeld would do at the beginning of the series that week. In an interview with Vice in 2015, he said, “Yes, it’s hard to produce another credits for each episode, but if Jerry Seinfeld is producing something new in every episode, I thought why not. ” he said.

Kramer wasn’t actually going to be Kramer

Jerry Seinfeld’s crazy neighbor in Seinfeld Kramer

The character’s name wasn’t actually going to be Kramer. In the pilot episode of the series, Kramer’s name was Kessler. Because the former neighbor of series creator Larry David Kenny Kramer, hesitant about using his name in the series. Then he changed his mind.

Kramer wore the same shoes for 9 semesters

Playing Kramer in Seinfeld Michael Richards, two pairs of black over the nine periods of the series Doc Marten did not wear other shoes other than brand boots.

Gorgeous thought for the character

Can you imagine Jason Alexander not playing Seinfeld’s George Costanza? Originally the Jerry Seinfeld character of Costanza Jake Johannsen. In fact, in an interview he gave last year, Jerry Seinfeld said that he begged Johannsen to accept the role. But Johannsen turned down the role.

The actor who played the character of George thought that the series would not be successful.

as George Costanza Jason Alexander, passed out after reading the script for Seinfeld. Even though he was very happy, the probability of the show’s success seemed a little low to him! In an interview he gave in 1992, he said exactly:

“As soon as I saw the script, I knew it would be one of the most perfect jobs I’ve ever been a module for. That’s why I came to the conclusion that more than one episode would not be broadcast… Because the audience of this series could be someone like me. I’m not one to watch TV either. So I might be one of the people most surprised by Seinfeld’s success. ”

George Costanza never appeared in only one episode

Seinfeld’s part 172 there was only one part where we didn’t see the character of George Costanza. It is also the third part of the third term. “The Pen”. In the episode, Jerry and Elaine were visiting Jerry’s family in Florida. Jason Alexander, who didn’t like the idea of ​​not being on the show for even one episode, told Larry David, “If you do this again, you’ll leave me permanently. ” said.

The real George Costanza sues the creators of Seinfeld for $100 million

Like Kramer, the character of George Costanza is named after a real human being: a former colleague of Jerry Seinfeld. Michael Costanza. Michael Costanza sued Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David for $100 million for breaching his privacy. In his book The Real Seinfeld, Michael Costanza states, “George is bald. Me too that. George is stocky. Me too that. George and I both attended Queens College with Jerry. George’s high school teacher told him, “Can’t stand ya. He wears the nickname ” (I can’t stand you). Just like me. ” says. However, the court decided that George was inspired by Larry David and sided with the producers of the series.

Seinfeld’s female character isn’t actually going to be Elaine

Actually the main female character in Seinfeld Elaine but the one who works at the coffee shop where ours always hang out. The waitress named Claire

It would be . portraying Claire Lee Garlington in an interview he said, “Actually, I was going to be the female character in Seinfeld, but I don’t know why, but they didn’t continue with me. ” he said. There are different explanations for why this is so, but Jason Alexander Lee explained that this kind of thing happened because Garlington changed his words in the script. Jerry Seinfeld, on the other hand, says they eliminated Claire because they were looking for a slightly more dominant character.

Seinfeld’s unchanging motto: No hugs, no lessons

In general, what happens at the end of the episode? Characters who bond with each other over time hug/show love to each other or change by learning something from the events they experienced in that part. This is not necessarily the case in Seinfeld. very strict on this Larry David, “A lot of people think that Seinfeld dark series doesn’t understand. If you look at the events in the series; characters lose their jobs; someone is breaking up with someone who has had a stroke; someone says “you need to get your nose done”…” he says.

There is a canceled Seinfeld episode

Looking at the series in general, it may seem like there is no sensitive issue for the creators of Seinfeld that they want to avoid. The Bet

A section called written for the second period of the series has been cancelled. Jerry Seinfeld replied at an event he attended on Reddit, “We started filming the episode and in the middle, “No, this is not going to happen. ” we said. We messed around a bit more and canceled. A lot of things happened, but making the end of that part fun was no fun. ” said. The Bet part The Phone Message (George leaves weird messages on his girlfriend’s answering machine and then regrets it and looks for ways to delete it without listening to his girlfriend).

Man hand used for Seinfeld’s boy-handed girlfriend

Seinfeld’s The Bizarro Jerry

In his section , Jerry has a girlfriend whose hands are almost like a boy’s. In close-ups, the woman’s hands look like a man’s. Because that’s basically it. Those hands are about James Rekart, where Jerry Seinfeld took acting lessons. James Rekart’s Twitter profile still has a reference to that part.

Part of Seinfeld was inspired by a play

The eighth episode of Seinfeld’s ninth term The Backwards, Harold Pinter

by the English game author The Betrayal

Inspired by his game . In the episode, our folks set off to India to attend a wedding. Jerry betrays George by making love to a potential girlfriend. Kramer grapples with an ominous wish. It also explains why Sue-Ellen Mishkie’s fiancé is named Pinter.

Jerry Seinfeld’s favorite scene in the show is not his own

In an interview with Uproxx, Jerry Seinfeld explains his favorite scene from the show: The Marine Biologist

The scene with George pulling the golf ball at the end of is my favourite. ”

Jerry Seinfeld’s favorite side character was Newman

Again, Jerry Seinfeld’s favorite side character, according to an answer he gave in a Q&A on Reddit Newman

It was .

Jerry Seinfeld rejected a large sum for the 10th term

Jerry Seinfeld, who wants to leave the adventure with its nine pleasant terms, is for the 10th term. a significant sum rejected it. $5 million was offered for each portion of the 10th term. Thus, Jerry Seinfeld turned down the possibility of winning a total of 110 million dollars.

Seinfeld starts and ends just like that

You must have watched episodes of Seinfeld back to back to realize this, but the first speech Jerry and George gave in the pilot episode of the series and the talk in the last episode of the series are about a button that doesn’t work properly.

Let’s close with good news: Seinfeld is coming to Netflix

Good news for those who want to try Seinfeld or who want to open it in the middle and watch it because it tastes good. The exact date is unclear, but Seinfeld is finally Netflix

Coming to . It has been announced that Seinfeld will be added to Netflix in September 2021 and will stay on the platform for 5 years.


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