11 Things Former Metin2 Players Will Have To See

The legendary MMORPG game Metin2, which was released in March 2005, had a great popularity in its time, especially in our country. The game, whose rights are currently in the hands of Gameforge, continues to serve the players. Totally free to play Text2, we can say that it is a valuable MMORPG game with heavy content. Items, NPC characters, markets, battles, story missions, level missions and much more are included in this game.

Although it was a well-known production of its time, many actors, that old Metin2 is missed and thinks it’s much better. There are many details in our memories about Metin2, which has a precious place in the memories of all of us.

11 things old Metin2 players will tear up when they see:

  • Blacksmith
  • Village Raids
  • Market Names
  • Scams and Cheaters
  • Locket
  • Guild Wars
  • Music
  • Full Moon Sword and Red Iron Sword
  • Boss Wars
  • Duels
  • Ability Upgrades

”While wiping the sweat off his brow. ”Blacksmith who burns lots of items:

It must be our NPC character blacksmith who gets the most reaction from Metin2 players. Our muscular blacksmith brother did not hurt a few players. Neither Full Moons nor armors were lost and devastated while pressing +. which allows our items to level up + system was quite valuable in the game. Both the value and the power of a leveled item were greatly increased, and the cheapest method of leveling up was to use the blacksmith.

Two times no, then yes, while wiping sweat, etc. Then there was no tactic we didn’t try, but eventually most of us burned our stuff here. From our blacksmith brother + the old Metin2 players, who burned items during the printing process, are already in tears.

Raid time! Village raids with lots of action:

Pack up and go to raid the village? It was one of our favorite events. In the process of creating our account in the game, we had to choose a flag. We were choosing one of the blue, red and yellow flags and embarking on an adventure. of every flag its first village was happening. We were going to raid by gathering our brothers and sisters to the opposite flags. We experienced neither turmoil nor exciting raids. We knew how to defend when needed.

There was also a time when all the flags were gathered in a single village. The real chaos was in this state. When we saw someone from the opposite flag in the common areas, we were not forgiving. We were attacking the opposing flag to the death, leaving the mission, leveling up. What a nice day 🙂

The storekeeper is fat, whoever doesn’t buy it regrets it! Markets and their funny names:

It was one of our favorite pastimes to peruse the hilarious markets in the center of the villages, which were full of laughter. Especially When we enter CH1, the market density Our computer was crashing, but we weren’t even seeing this problem because we were laughing at their names.

We used to put or see market names such as “The warehouseman regrets not buying fat”, “I don’t have items on PC, Turkish delight”, “The stake next to me, pity your money” and many more funny and humorous market names. We did not forget the players who said that they would sell items to 1 yang and gathered everyone behind the warehouse and deceived them. It was one of the biggest market jokes.

”Shall I teach my brother item copying?”. Scammers and cheats:

We didn’t lose Metin2 items only in the blacksmith. We have also lost items due to scammers and cheaters. There were even cheaters in the time, claiming to have found an item copying system, by cheating in the trade tab, pulling your item to themselves without confirming, and showing you the +5 armor it gave you as +9 with the cheat. We were deceived a lot, we were deceived a lot, but now we miss even those days.

That coin will drop! Horse Medallion and Monkey Dungeon:

Of course, horses have a very valuable place in Metin2. Every player who reached level 25 was consulting our brother Seyis in order to own a horse. Horse medallions were also requested from you for horse duties. this item Called the Monkey Dungeon we were able to drop from dungeon. Some of us dropped their medallions in the first half hour and started horse missions.

The majority and the unlucky part probably spent their days in the dungeon, but could not drop that coin. He’s in the process of dropping the medallion tension and excitement are priceless degrees. The satisfaction after the drop, however, was different.

“xKRALTR come over here bro!” Legendary guild wars:

We have come to the detail that Metin2 players are most excited about. Guilds were indispensable in the game. Each guild would strive to be the most competent Guild on the server, would enter battles and gather solid players. The peak of the excitement is that two different guilds have a special game with hundreds of players. On the guild war map was to enter the field battle. Before the guild war, all preparations were made, items were completed and abilities were developed. When that day came, especially if famous guilds were fighting, the whole server would watch that war.

Computers would go haywire, creating an atmosphere of chaos where talents flew. If you were a member of a guild, the color of your horse would also change, and the guild owner’s horse would also have a unique color. Guild wars were very precious to us. If you want to realize how exciting the guild wars are, you can watch the image above, which is famous for the line “xkraltr come here brother”.

Goosebumps! Musics:

When Metin2 music is mentioned, all the flowing waters stop. Metin2, which probably has the best music we have seen in an MMORPG game, has succeeded in establishing a throne in the hearts of the players with its special music related to each region. Today, when we hear the music, those regions come to our minds. Especially The first village music called Enter The East takes its place in the middle of the most recognizable music.

The Full Moon Sword and Red Iron Sword that we tried to drop until the morning:

It’s time to talk about the most recognizable items in Metin2. The Full Moon Sword and the Red Iron Sword, known as KDP, were offensive items that players wanted to use, but were powerful, with features such as extra average damage and dexterity damage. Many different reasonable full moon sword falling from slot and there have been many players who have spent days trying to drop the red iron machete.

While the dice were cutting the wild expert for the weakened full moon, it was also causing great tension when someone else tried to steal it from you. Especially these + the tension and excitement when pressing was too much. We didn’t waste a little blessing paper so it wouldn’t burn.

Collect clusters, we’re going to kill the boss! Boss battles:

One of the most precious events of the game was the powerful boss battles. Members and friends from the guild were gathered, clusters were formed, shamans were prepared, if necessary, transformation orbs were used and boss battles were held. Devil’s tower, desert, cave of exile, etc. powerful bosses related to himself was there.

The most popular of these was Azrael, the boss of the demon tower. falling from boss Inside the Azrael Chest quite a few valuable items could be found. We couldn’t stand still while opening these chests. After a great solidarity, we were fighting with different bosses of different regions and getting our reward.

“Ws come bro!” Breathtaking duels:

Duels called Versus, vs, or ws were indispensable for Metin2. We’d try to duel with our higher ranks and try to beat them, or we’d throw lows etc and beat them to show them how strong we are. When we say interior items, characters, class choices, abilities, we analyze quite a few different topics. to beat the most adequate duel we used to work.

We were having different kinds of duels with or without potions and having fun in our own midst. We did not call our friends or other players we do not know as “Come ws” 🙂

”That skill will be P!” : Ability upgrades:

Each character in the game has unique abilities according to their class types, and these abilities can be developed. At first, we were trying to get the skills that we made M1 with level points, then at the G level with the skill books we dropped from the texts or bought from the markets. When the education failed, we were sad that so much effort and money was gone.

The most difficult process was starting from G to P rank with the very precious and expensive Spirit Stone. When using soul stones, our character level could go down to cruel, and we were trying to prevent this by using zen stones. Only in this process, we could go from heroic character to cruel, and this was very troublesome. When our skills finally became P, we were surrounded by great satisfaction, that place is different 🙂

We have come to the end of our article, which includes details about Metin2 that will fill the eyes of former players. Of course, there may be many details that we forgot or could not include. You can share these details with us in the comments section. Let old Metin2 players describe themselves in the comments section.


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